Poor weather conditions for sowing and an increased demand for straw mean we are looking at a likely straw shortage this winter. With prices likely to rise considerably, what better time to try Verdo Wood Pellet Bedding as an excellent alternative.
In fact, there are so many benefits to change your horse over to Wood Pellet Bedding, that you’ll wish you’d done it years ago.


Not only can straw be dusty, it also moves around causing bare areas on the stable floor, which could mean potential injury and joint pain. Our pellets produce a non-slip, cushioned bed which is quickly & easily swept into place. It’s also very absorbent, so your horses hooves remain clean and dry throughout the wet winter months.

Clean & Time Saving 

Unlike straw, Verdo Horse Bedding is heated to extreme temperatures, removing dust and potential allergens. Pellet beds not only look neater, but they smell so much fresher and compared to straw, a pellet bed is so easy to keep clean. The wet areas are easy to spot and their highly absorbent, clumping action means you can removed them quickly & efficiently; less time cleaning and more time enjoying your horse.

Reduced Consumption & Disposal

With a pellet bed you literally only remove and replace the soiled areas, this means Verdo Horse Bedding can reduce disposal volume by up to 50%. This not only reduces the amount of bedding used, it also reduces the size of your muck heap and being fully biodegradable, the waste also breaks down quickly.
Still unconvinced? Well, don’t take our word for it....head to What you say and read many great references from hundreds of happy customers.