Natasha Baker

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Natasha Baker was Verdo Horse Bedding's first sponsored rider. The MBE and Paralympic dressage rider who currently holds five Gold medals was previously using a wood pellet bedding, but fell in love with Verdo within days of trialling the product. As she explains: “Having previously used a wood pellet bedding on the yard, we were already familiar with this type of bedding. However, Verdo Horse Bedding has excelled our expectations in terms of performance. 

It’s virtually dust free and the absorbent qualities are fantastic, meaning we are using far less bedding than before. Because it also comes in pellet form, it doesn’t take up masses of space or weight in the lorry, which makes it ideal for using in the lorry or for stabling overnight.” Verdo is now supplying Natasha's entire London yard, including her top Paralympic dressage horse JP, who also loves the bedding!

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