Redeeming your Verdo Original Horse Bedding Tokens

1. Cut out the Verdo tokens on each bag of Verdo Original Horse Bedding purchased.

2. Print out the token form, complete your details and the amount of tokens collected and choose the product/s you wish to redeem your tokens for. 

3. Post the completed form with your tokens and payment (if applicable) to our head office:

Verdo Horse Bedding – Loyalty Scheme
45 Macadam Way
West Portway Industrial Estate
SP10 3XW

Once we have received your form, tokens and payment (if applicable) we will contact you via text message or email to confirm receipt and arrange shipment.

It is your responsibility to ensure the correct amount of postage is paid when returning the tokens to Verdo Horse Bedding.  Please check with your local post office  to ensure the correct postage costs, a standard stamp is not enough to cover the thickness, weight and size of the returned tokens and in most cases are classed as a large letter.  Verdo are not responsible for underpaid postage costs, and as a result the Royal Mail will not pass on underpaid items – Many thanks from Team Verdo

*Please note this loyalty scheme is only available on the Verdo Original Horse Bedding.  Our European Horse Bedding is a low cost budget product not included in this promotion.

Choose from the following options below:

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Buy Verdo horse bedding here

VERDO European full pallet
Item No. 1000000
VERDO Original full pallet
Item No. 1000001
VERDO Original trial pallet
Item No. 1000002