What kind of bed does Verdo Horse Bedding create ?
Once water activated, Verdo Horse Bedding transforms into a soft, fluffy and dry, yet dense bed ready for your horse!  It also offers great coverage on all floor tyes which will not move around as much as most traditional beddings.
Where is Verdo Horse Bedding made ?
Once water activated, Verdo Horse Bedding transforms into a soft, fluffy and dry, yet dense bed ready for your horse!  It also offers great coverage on all floor tyes which will not move around as much as most traditional beddings.
Why do you add water to Verdo Horse Bedding ?
By adding water you are simply kick-starting a regeneration process to break the wood pellets down to create your horses’ bed.
How long will a pallet (65X15kg bags of Verdo Horse Bedding last ?
One pallet is typically 9-12 months’ supply for an average horse.  This pallet of 65 bags will only take up the same amount of space as 8 bales of shavings/straw!
Why do you charge 20% VAT for horse bedding when some other suppliers only charge 5% VAT ?
HMRC rules dictate that wood pellets for horse bedding should be charged at 20% VAT.  Businesses that sell wood pellets for horse bedding at 5% VAT are breaking the law, and could be liable for prosecution.
Can I buy Verdo fuel pellets and use them instead ?
Verdo Horse Bedding Wood Pellets are created specifically for horse bedding, so whilst all pellets may origniate from the same raw material (100% virgin softwood from sustainable forests in the UK), the actual manufacturing process which our horse pellets go through is very different to a fuel pellet:  Fuel pellets are designed to burn for longer and so are a harder denser pellet so not to break down easily, whilst that is the opposite of what you want from a horse bedding pellet which will break down when activated with water to create that highly absorbent fluffy bed.  Also during manufacturing the horse bedding the chips are dust extracted until it contains less than 1% dust. Fuel pellets won't ever be able to perform to the same high standard in which our horse bedding pellets do, because they are just not designed for that purpose. As Verdo manufacture all of their own product they are 100% aware of what your horses will be sleeping on.
Can Verdo Horse Bedding be stored outside ?
We do not recommend outdoor long term storage of Verdo Horse Bedding or storing it outside in adverse weather conditions. This is due to the risk of moisture entering the bags, resulting in the pellets activating.
How many bags would i need for a 12X12 foot stable with rubber matting ?
You would require approximately 8-10 bags.
Can I use Verdo Horse Bedding without rubber matting ?
Yes, Verdo Horse Bedding works perfectly well on a concrete base. You would just need to start your bed with a couple of additional bags for a deeper bed.
Do horses eat Verdo Horse Bedding ?
No - Verdo Horse Bedding is completely unpalatable for a horse; they dislike the taste. A curious or greedy horse may initially take a mouthful to taste, but will usually spit it straight back out again.
Will my horses´bed be damp or wet from adding water ? And will it freeze in the winter ?
No – there will be slight moisture content in your bed from activating the pellets with water, but it should not feel damp or wet to the touch, and as long as you are not over-watering the pellets, it will not freeze in winter. Take care to add the correct amount of water to the bags. Our bedding has been tested up to -10 degrees centigrade without any issues.
How do i muck out my stable ?
Remove solids daily and completely saturated patches as often as needed. Any wet will remain in a localised patch and won't run as you may have experienced with traditional bedding, meaning much less waste. It is also suited to a semi-deep litter system.  We do not advise mixing urinated bedding up with clean bedding.
Should there be whole (uncultivated) wood pellets in my horses´bed ?
Yes, there should always be whole pellets in your bed, the unactivated pellets provide extra absorbency and will continue to expand as the horse urinates on the bed and moves around in the stable. When there are no whole pellets remaining in your bed, it's time to add a top up bag.
What is Verdo Horse Bedding made from ?
Verdo Horse Bedding is made from 100% virgin softwood timber, sourced from sustainable UK forestry. Verdo Horse Bedding is FSC certified, meaning that the timber is sourced from well managed forests which do not contribute towards global deforestation.
How much water di I add to a bag of Verdo Hoese Bedding ?
Pour 5-7 litres of water (approximately half a bucket) directly onto the pellets in the bag. A good rule of thumb is not to fill the bag above the seam line.
How long does Verdo Horse Bedding take to activate ?
Around 15-20 minutes, slightly longer in the winter if the temperature is very cold. You can speed up the process by using hot water if you have access to it.
Do i need to activate my top up bags ?
It’s not absolutely necessary. If you have a wet horse, you can choose to add the pellets to your bed dry to the area where he/she urinates – your horse will do the work for you! Alternatively, you can partially activate the bags with a smaller quantity of water, or fully activate your top up bags. Find a way that works best for your horse!
Is Verdo Horse Bedding suitable for horses with respiratory problems ?
During the manufacturing process, Verdo Horse Bedding is heat treated and dust extracted. It has been independently tested by SATRA in its activated state and contains less than 1% dust.
How many bags will I use for maintenance ?
For the average horse who is stabled at night, 1 - 2 top up bags should be sufficient.
Is Verdo Horse Bedding biodegradable ?
Yes – the soiled bedding on your muck heap composts quickly (approx 8-10 months) and will produce an excellent 100% natural manure for your land.

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