There's more to our horse bedding than a good night's sleep

As a leading British supplier of premium wood pellet horse bedding we pride ourselves on creating the ultimate horse bedding from the highest quality softwood pellets so you can give your horse a comfortable, absorbent, and clean stable for less.

We offer two fantastic time, space and money saving bedding solutions:

VERDO Original, produced by us in the UK, is a super absorbent, low dust bedding available to buy in bulk or from leading retailers. More info

NEW VERDO European, our latest addition! Imported from the EU, it is a more economical bedding available only in bulk. More info

As well as reducing mucking out time, muck heaps and your bedding bills VERDO wood pellets are easy to store and are proven to help provide a healthy hoof and limb environment as well as benefiting horses prone to respiratory conditions. More info