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VERDO Original full pallet
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Horse bedding wood pellets


There's more to our horse bedding than a good night's sleep

Welcome to VERDO!

As a leading British supplier of premium wood pellet horse bedding we pride ourselves on creating the ultimate horse bedding from the highest quality softwood pellets so you can give your horse a comfortable, absorbent, and clean stable for less.

We offer two fantastic time, space and money saving bedding solutions:

VERDO Original, produced by us in the UK, is a super absorbent, low dust bedding available to buy in bulk or from leading retailers. More info

NEW VERDO European, our latest addition! Imported from the EU, it is a more economical bedding available only in bulk. More info

As well as reducing mucking out time, muck heaps and your bedding bills VERDO wood pellets are easy to store and are proven to help provide a healthy hoof and limb environment as well as benefiting horses prone to respiratory conditions. More info

How To Use Verdo Horse Bedding

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Provide your horse with the very best - Horse bedding from Verdo

For many years, using standard straw and chip bedding in the stable has been a custom. But these materials are also associated with a couple of drawbacks. First of all, the straw is easily drenched. Secondly, the straw amplifies the smell of excrements and urine. Lastly, the price on straw and chip bedding has been continuously increasing the past couple of years despite the quality of the product being the same.
Using wood pellets from Verdo, you save money and improve the living conditions of your horse. The wood pellets are of a very high quality, ensuring a good night’s sleep for your horse - and a clean stable.

The benefits of wood pellets horse bedding

There are multiple advantages of using wood pellets as horse bedding. Although the idea itself is fairly new, wood pellet horse bedding has already been tested and approved in professional facilities. It’s easier to deal with for the person mucking out, and it improves the life quality of the horse. Some of the advantages are:
Wood pellets from Verdo absorb well, up to three times their own weight. This leads to an improved indoor stable environment, and you don’t have to muck out as often as you do with straw.
The wood pellets improve the level of hygiene due to the degree of heat they are produced at. The heat kills bacteria and other unwanted units.
You save time due to the wood pellets being easily removable. You don’t have to remove all the wood pellets at once - just the dirty ones.
Verdo wood pellets are cheap and available in bulk. The more you buy, the more you save per bag.
Adding another layer to the cleaning argument, wood pellets block the smell of ammonia coming from the horse urine.

How to use wood pellets in the stable

When you are about to put the wood pellets to use, there are a couple of things you should be aware of in order to provide the best bedding for your horse.
Start off by opening the bag of wood pellets and pour 5-7 litres of water into it. Shortly after, your wood pellets will be activated and triple in size. Once the wood pellets have absorbed all the water, tip them on the stable floor. You’ll quickly note that the pellets give your horse a steady and slip-resistant foundation that comes with less smell.
The horse bedding is now ready to use, and you can easily remove the dirty wood pellets whenever you want to. It’s easy to distinguish the dirty and clean wood pellets.
Add a bag or two to the stable every week to make up for the removed pellets. Don’t activate the wood pellets with water if your horse is constantly wet or you want a dryer stable environment.
VERDO Original full pallet
Item No. 1000001
£339.00 Not available
VERDO Original trial pallet
Item No. 1000002
£190.00 Not available