Verdo Horse Bedding has saved us time, money and the muck heap is much smaller. Casey McKenna, Elite Performance Horses, from Essex Read more testimonials

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NEW VERDO European - Full Pallet

  • Cost effective
  • Super absorbent
  • Quality premium product
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Low dust content
  • Minimal storage required
  • Manufactured in Europe

New more affordable VERDO European direct to you

Because you, our customers asked us for a more cost effective bedding solution for your horses, we are delighted to follow the success of our original VERDO wood pellet horse bedding by bringing you VERDO European.

We trawled the continent where softwood grows in abundance and manufacturing costs are lower to source a keener priced wood pellet of a quality that you have come to know and trust from VERDO Original. Following extensive research and painstaking trials, we finally found a pellet we and in turn you would be happy with – and called it, simply, VERDO European.

Like VERDO Original Horse Bedding, VERDO European, is a heat-treated wood pellet made from 100% virgin sustainable soft-wood. Activated in the same way, VERDO European has low dust content and is highly absorbent too improving overall dryness and air quality essential in avoiding respiratory problems.

Mucking out a VERDO European bed could not be easier or more efficient. Removal of the wet bedding is as simple as lifting away the small darker patches. Remove droppings by using a simple sieving action and you will not lose any good clean bedding; reducing your muck heap and need to replenish the bed as frequently.

How VERDO European differs from original VERDO Horse Bedding?

  • 16% cheaper than original VERDO because it is more cost effective to produce and supplying VERDO European in bulk direct to you brings down the unit cost, savings we pass on to you whilst still paying the correct VAT of 20%.

For orders of 5 pallets or more, please contact the sales office on 01264 726760 for a quotation

£3.84 per bag. Each pallet contains 65x15kg bags.
£249.60 per pallet including VAT & delivery – minimum order 1 pallet.


Verdo Original - Full Pallet

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