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Fynalite Pellet Master Fork – T Handle

  • Lightweight
  • Eliminates waste
  • Total Height: 121cm
  • Width of Fork: 31cm
  • Makes mucking out quicker
  • Rounded tines
  • T handle

This sturdy fork has been designed specifically for wood pellet bedding and its ingenious design traps even small pieces of dung, yet allows the clean bedding to fall freely through the teeth of the fork, helping to eliminate waste and make mucking out the bed even quicker!

The rounded tines help pick up debris and lift wet patches without getting caught on or damaging rubber matting. Extremely lightweight and strong with a rubberised handle for excellent grip and comfort, this fork makes light work of mucking out!

Inclusive of VAT and delivery to a mainland UK address.


Full Pallet

Trial Pallet