Verdo Horse Bedding has saved us time, money and the muck heap is much smaller. Casey McKenna, Elite Performance Horses, from Essex Read more testimonials

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VERDO Original - Full Pallet

  • Cost effective
  • Super absorbent
  • Quality premium product
  • Guaranteed all year round supply
  • Low dust content
  • Minimal storage required
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • 100% Biodegradable

Verdo Horse Bedding is a heat-treated wood pellet made from 100% virgin soft wood timber. Verdo once activated has a low dust content, making our bedding the ideal choice for horses with compromised respiratory issues. Verdo is equally a very absorbent bedding choice, when a horse urinates Verdo Horse Bedding absorbs the liquid quickly and efficiently, because of the high absorbency rate any urine or damp remains in a localised patch. The horse’s urine will not run or spread to affect a large area of the bedding. Removal of the saturated wet patches is as simple as scraping away the good clean bedding and lifting away the wet bedding with a fork or shovel; any clean Verdo will not be affected and you will not need to rotate or disturb visibly good bedding to find any underlying wet areas. You will find that you do not loose any good bedding by removing the droppings by a simple sieving action, as the clean and dry Verdo will fall through the bedding fork. More clean bedding is saved from your daily mucking out routine resulting in less replenishment bedding and a smaller muck heap!

You will save money and precious time using Verdo Horse Bedding, which can only result in a happy you and a happy horse!

For orders of 5 pallets or more, please contact the sales office on 01264 726760 for a quotation

£4.69 per bag. Each pallet contains 65x15kg bags.
£304.85 per pallet including VAT & delivery – minimum order 1 pallet.


Trial Pallet

Pellet Master Fork - Foam Grip Handle