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Verdo Horse Bedding, the heat-treated wood pellet product, created specifically for equine use already have a wide collection of customers ranging from livery establishments, racing yards and top professional yards. Worcestershire based vets ‘Clent Hills Veterinary Group’ is now leading the way for veterinary centres across the UK, having successfully swapped from traditional bedding choices to Verdo Horse Bedding with ease.

Clent Hills Veterinary Group have been using Verdo Horse Bedding for some 12 months and has eight dedicated veterinary surgeons, offering around the clock care for a variety of animals. Their specialist equine unit includes two inpatient stables, a theatre, stocks and an examination area and with a constant stream of equine patients through their doors, this means that the staff at Clent Hills Equine needed a bedding they could trust and as Equine Unit Manager Claire Lampitt explains, Verdo ticked all the boxes:

“The horses which come through the equine unit have varying health issues. We particularly like Verdo Horse Bedding because not only is it virtually dust free, which is ideal for the respiratory horses, and supportive for the sore feet of Laminitic horses but it is also very absorbent making it ideal for those receiving fluid therapy”

Other positive aspects for the Equine Unit Team have included a reduction in the time spent mucking out, with inpatients now being mucked out in less than 10 minutes, leaving more time to fit all of the other duties in. Another is reduced waste and easy to store bags, saving valuable space. Verdo Horse Bedding also offer a reliable, hassle free delivery service, which ensures that Clent Hill’s patients have a first class service even when it comes to their bedding!
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