Verdo Horse Bedding has cut my mucking out time in half and my bedding bill! Holly Weatherspoon, from Wiltshire Read more testimonials

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Verdo Horse Bedding Summer Benefits.

Whilst our great British weather may not give us wall-to-wall sunshine, you can rely on Verdo Horse Bedding for a dry forecast!

Standing on wet soiled bedding can compromise foot health and dusty bedding can aggravate respiratory conditions. Fortunately Verdo Horse Bedding, the clever heat treated 100% virgin soft wood pellet bedding goes that extra mile to helping ensure that your horse or pony has a dry, comfortable and low dust bed day and night.

Verdo Horse Bedding absorbs 3 times is own weight in liquid and because the bedding created from the activated pellets becomes light and fluffy, unlike traditional bedding, Verdo ‘contains’ the wet as oppose to it sinking down through the bedding and along the floor, making more wet and more waste. This not only helps maintain a dry environment, but also helps reduces ammonia, which again helps ensure that your horse is happier and healthier in the stable.

One owner who has seen a huge improvement in her horse’s foot health is Rebecca Fall, as she explains:


"My eventer has very narrow, upright feet, which prior to using Verdo caused problems with wet bedding getting lodged in the feet and causing thrush, no matter how religiously we picked out his feet. Since using Verdo, we have found that despite the bedding settling in his feet, because it is so much more absorbent than our previous choice of bedding (paper and shavings) the bedding being removed is dry as oppose to being packed solid and wet. Verdo Horse Bedding also condenses the wet & because the bedding is so dense, the wet doesn't move, keeping the top layer clean This combined with the fact that the whole bed is also much drier means that my horse hasn't suffered from thrush"


Verdo Horse Bedding also boasts a low dust content, making it the ideal choice for horses with compromised respiratory issues. Verdo Horse Bedding comes in compact, easy to store bags, which once a small amount of water is added to the bag, a regeneration process is activated and within approximately 15 minutes, you are ready to empty the open bags out into the stable to create a soft fluffy and dry bed ready for your equine friend!


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