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#twittereventing winner of Gemma Tattersall course walk comes a respectable 3rd!

Heidi Coy won a Grass Routes Badminton Course Walk with our Verdo Horse Bedding sponsored rider Gemma Tattersall.

Verdo teamed up with #twittereventing to allow members to win a course walk with Gemma Tattersall.  Heidi was the lucky winner, hear what she has to say below......

"Gemma really helped me with the cross country because she was really good with getting my ‘racing lines’ to get inside the time of 7 minutes when Meg (only 14hh!!!) is only used to doing 5 minutes.  She gave me little tips and hints about saving those valuable seconds on the clock, how to cut my lines and not make meg unbalanced which would make her tier easily. Most of all Gemma gave me massive confidence to jump round the technical course. I went on to jump a double clear and being 30 seconds inside the time to finish 3rd! I watched Gemma jump her round and it was really impressive and to see her get bang on the time was just amazing!  I hope one day I can ride round the 4* and be as good as Gemma!"

Well done Heidi on finishing 3rd, well done you!