Verdo Horse Bedding has cut my mucking out time in half and my bedding bill! Holly Weatherspoon, from Wiltshire Read more testimonials

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With autumn not far around the corner, talk of bedding shortages have already been highlighted in the media, so why spend this winter worrying again about consistent supply and escalating costs, when the answer is simple!

Verdo Horse Bedding is a clever heat-treated wood pellet product, created for equine use, which is made from 100% virgin soft wood, responsibly sourced from managed woodland and manufactured at their very own production plants in the UK.

In their infancy, many horse owners tried other brands of wood pellets, which were not only dusty, didn’t absorb wet very well but worst still were made from recycled wood, which could contain toxins and plastics!

Verdo Horse Bedding is a new generation of horse bedding pellet which not only contains less than 1% dust, making it the ideal choice for horses with compromised respiratory issues, but also absorbs 3 times is own weight in liquid. This not only helps maintain a dry environment, but also reduces ammonia, which again helps ensure that your horse is happier and healthier in the stable. This in turn not only reduces your muckheap but also the amount of bedding taken out, saving you time and money in the long run!

Every stage of the pellet manufacturing process from arrival through to the bagging procedure is quality controlled and because production is 364 days a year and the company have a dedicated sales team and nationwide delivery in place, its not only your horse which can sleep well this coming autumn!

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RRP: £5.00 - £5.65 Per 15kg Bag

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