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Only One Valentine For Me!

This Valentines I will be spending it slightly differently, the main love of my life is strapping mid aged frisky TB called Dougal! I plan to spend my Valentines hacking in the lovely sunshine after storm Imogen which stunted any hacks last weekend! Joyfully I can spend more time doing the fun stuff than spending time mucking out my Verdo Horse Bed.

I have a good system going that I do not need to fully muck out the wet every weekend, I deep litter for the whole winter! By the weekends the wet patch mounds up to a peak so this just needs a bit of TLC! I will scrape the dry bedding out of the way and then level out the unruly wet mountain by taking off the top peak to make this nice and flat again. I simply then just pull the dry bedding back over = simple. Not only does this save me time and effort but also less dirty bedding to remove and fork up on the muck heap too!

My little Valentine can then snuggle up in his cosy, warm dry Verdo bedding with extra carrots!

One other beauty of using Verdo Horse Bedding is that you don’t end up smelling like a muck heap, so you never know I might find love outside of the stables and at least I will not need to worry about putting male suitors off with the joys of horse pee! Although of course anyone else is lucky enough they will be number 2 man to my number 1 man Dougal!