Verdo Horse Bedding has cut my mucking out time in half and my bedding bill! Holly Weatherspoon, from Wiltshire Read more testimonials

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Keeping up appearances

In the battle against stable stains you need every little bit of help you can get and when it comes to your choice of bedding, the more absorbent the bedding, the less mess your horse has to lay in!
Verdo Horse Bedding is a clever heat-treated wood pellet product, created for equine use, which absorbs 3 times is own weight in liquid, which not only helps maintain a dry environment, but also reduces ammonia resulting in a much more pleasant night’s sleep.

When a small amount of water is added to the bag a regeneration process is activated and within approximately 20 minutes, you are ready to empty the open bags out into the stable to create a soft fluffy and dry bed ready for your equine friend!

Because the pellets are manufactured from 100% virgin soft wood and heat treated to eliminate pests and bacteria, you can rest assured that your horse is sleeping on only the best and its good to know that it contains less than 1% dust, also making it the ideal choice for enclosed environments, such as your trailer or lorry or for immediate occupation at shows this season.

Other key factors include less waste on the muck heap and beds that are easier and quicker to muck out, leaving you more time for plaiting on those show mornings!