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British manufacturer Verdo Horse Bedding is delighted to announce that they have their very first wholesaler in Ireland!

The clever heat treated 100% virgin soft wood pellet horse bedding are proud to be associated with Howard Allen Seeds based in Tempo, Co. Fermanagh, who will be supplying retailers and end users across the length and breadth of Ireland.

Verdo Horse Bedding is the ideal choice this winter, thanks to its low dust and high absorbency rate (Verdo can absorb up to 3 x times its own weight) And because the product is manufactured at it’s own plants in the UK 364 days a year, supply will never be an issue! Each bag is the equivalent to a 22kg bale of shavings, so saves on storage space too!

Prices are £5.25 collected from Howard Allen Seeds (By the bag) or £340 per 65 x 15kg bags including VAT & delivery anywhere in Northern Ireland and 450 Euros for 65 x 15kg bags delivered and including VAT anywhere else in Ireland. Multiple pallet orders will also receive further discount.

To place an order with Howard Allen Seeds:
Tel:  +44 (0)288 954 1636

For further information on Verdo Horse Bedding
For stockist enquiries: 01264 342 009

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