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Here’s what Gemma Tattersall has to say about Badminton Horse Trials


“Wow, what an amazing Badminton we had. It was just amazing to get to Badminton as it is such a special event especially with the challenges we have had of keeping the ride on Arctic Soul at the beginning of the year.
The weather played a massive part over the whole event, but especially so in the cross-country. We had very strong winds when we came to go and it was so difficult to focus on jumps when battling with conditions. We managed to get through it, felt they jumped round brilliantly and the Vicarage Ditch area felt like jumping mountains!! Spike is so scopey and brave and gave me a fantastic ride. In the Huntsmans Close I was 6 inches off the perfect line I was aiming for so Spike slightly misjudged the question and jumped the biggest part of the fence, ending up the incorrect side of the flag. I didn’t know that we had jumped the wrong side so we carried on and Spike galloped and jumped right to the end, until I heard 2 fences from home that we had been eliminated when I backed off the pace. Absolutely gut wrenching to have jumped round one of the biggest 4 stars ever built so well and to not complete! However we had great comments from British team trainers, selectors, fans and supporters, so that lifted our spirits.
And although disappointing on paper, I was thrilled with the horse and now know that he is a proper 4 star horse who came out of it really well and thoroughly enjoyed his break being cheeky in the field!
Looking forward to the rest of the season now!