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Finding a quality, low dust, reliable and consistent source of horse bedding is at the forefront of most horse owner’s minds and it seems this thinking is not exclusive to the UK, as Verdo Horse Bedding, the clever heat treated wood pellet product take on yet another new international customer, this time in Antigua.

Jane Barreto who lives on the Island started investigating different bedding solutions, after one of her miniatures a pregnant Tiki developed serious breathing problems and sadly lost her foal.

“Despite improvements on medication and trying numerous bedding options, Tiki’s asthma just didn’t seem to be improving”

Explains Jane:

“… So we did some research on the Internet and discovered that wood pellet bedding was the best for allergies and hygiene. There is no local supply of horse bedding in Antigua and knowing that the UK tends to take a lead in equine products, I looked for a company there. After researching the product and excellent correspondence with them, we felt they could be the answer to helping Tiki and we haven’t looked back! Verdo were reliable on delivery and the product has helped Tiki’s breathing problem to the point where she does not mediation on a daily basis. When she goes down for the night in the stable her breathing is normal all night. It’s helped give this little mare a better quality of life”

With customers in Iceland and across Europe, Verdo Horse Bedding continues to deliver on performance and reliability.

About Verdo Horse Bedding:

Verdo Horse Bedding is a clever heat-treated wood pellet bedding product, which is manufactured here in the UK 364 days a year at their own two production plants and delivered nationally and internationally. Activated with water, Verdo Horse Bedding contains less than 1% dust, as well as being highly absorbent and comes in lightweight easy to store bags, making it the ideal choice for the modern horse owner.
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