Verdo Horse Bedding has cut my mucking out time in half and my bedding bill! Holly Weatherspoon, from Wiltshire Read more testimonials

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Worrying about the weather and the disruption it can bring to your routine and riding isn’t the only consideration this season, especially when it comes to your choice of bedding.

With demand rising as temperatures are dropping, Verdo Horse Bedding, the clever heat treated wood pellet horse bedding is not only available nationwide, but because it’s manufactured 364 days a year at their dedicated UK plants, you won’t ever have to worry about supply issues again!

Add to the fact it’s made from 100% virgin soft wood, features highly absorbent properties with a low dust content and is easily stored away in easy to stack lightweight bags which take up very little room and you have a bedding option which won’t let you down this winter on any level!

Verdo Horse Bedding – Giving you and your horse a good night’s sleep whatever the weather!